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Oh no…

November 8, 2009

 Consider this Just face it: he’s just not that into you part two.

My lovely, hopeless, clueless friend is at it again.

She meets a guy in a club. She hooks up with said guy. She really really likes the guy because ‘he’s not like other guys…I mean we were holding hands and stuff. It wasn’t just physical. I know we had a real connection’. She gives (forces) her number on him. He doesn’t call or text.

She whines and complains and cries because she felt she ‘could really fall in love with him’.

Then she does the unthinkable.

She calls his work pretending to be a uni friend to get his number. She doesn’t get it that way but somehow, by badgering mutual friends, does get his number. She calls. She texts. Multiple multiple times.

She wonders why he doesn’t answer.

Just face it: he’s just not that into you!

Is feminism dead?

November 7, 2009

I’m not one of those freaky feminists that’s into bra burning or not shaving my legs or spelling women womyn or as I have actually seen, wom*n. It’s just that I believe in equal pay and women not being sex objects and being objectified by every man in the world. Which is why the music of today disturbs me.

Some of the music that tops the charts (think pitbulls ‘i know you want me’ ) are just plain wrong (in the sexist sense) on their own, but usually it’s the accompanying video clip that does most of the damage. Take the clip for dizzee rascal’s ‘holiday’ where the camera spends most of the time following around a chick’s bikini-clad arse. Or akon/david guetta’s ‘sexy bitch’ where we get to see a bunch of women gyrating around a pool.

What does this tell us about the position of women in society today? Nothing has changed. All of those things our mothers fought for don’t exist. Women aren’t respected, they are still treated as sex objects.

It also shows we can’t respec ourselves. I have to cringe at 12 and 13 year old girls who listen and dance to this kind of music. In their ears it’s innocent and they don’t realise what they are supporting but they are supporting it. And by listening to this music all they do is encourage more of this garbage to be released and less female power.

I had to cringe reading an interview with akon about ‘sexy bitch’ as a song and how the lyrics aren’t supposed to be disrespectful but that’s just what sexy is…okay. I can accept the lyrics. I can’t respect videos of girls in bikinis way too small to wear in the real world rolling around in popcorn. That is disrespectful there is really no other way in can be taken.

What happened to feminism? What happened to girl power? Sure sex sells but why is it female sex? Maybe Brit and Beyonce can start releasing videos of guys in tiny speedos rolling around in oil. Tell me there isn;’t a market for that.

Long Island Iced Tea

November 4, 2009

Currently obsessing over…

Basically any kind of cocktail because the sunny days have finally arrived, but especially Long Island Iced Tea because it’s wickedly alcoholic and just screams party time. Lazy days by the pool with friends having a blast and going just a little bit crazy. Refreshing drinks and long novels. I love summer (and late spring).


October 28, 2009

I don’t really believe in karma. I think it’s the kind of thing good people tell themselves is real so that cruel people don’t go unpunished…but in truth I feel bad people will run free unless someone stops them. But anyway…maybe I’m wrong.

Last weekend I had a little…incident…which involved scraping most of the skin off my knee. No big deal, especially since this week has been warm enough that I can avoid jeans and tights and anything that will stick to me graze. Well, yesterday on the tram I was sitting as innocent as can be when a lady with a large bag came and sat opposite me. Fine, right? Except that as she sat she dragged the bag across my freshly skinned knee and ripped the scab right off. Let’s just say it was painful. I wanted to punch the stupid clueless woman in the head. But, because I’m such a nice person, I didn’t. Meaning I was in too much pain. A few minutes later I noticed my knee welling up with blood. In fact, it soon started dripping bright, red blood all over a certain someone’s large (white!) bag. I could have moved my leg I suppose, but why fight fate? When I got off the tram several stops later there was quite a pool of blood on that bag.

Maybe there is such a thing as karma after all.

I should’ve backed Bart

October 24, 2009

Every Spring Racing Carnival is essentially the same. Women wear ridiculous outfits (that they spent ridiculous amounts of money on) and get drunk, men wear the same outfits as last year and get drunk, the ‘internationals’ are always favourite, and Bart does it again.

He’s trained 11 Melbourne Cup winners. Last year he surprised everyone with a Melbourne Cup win. Then it was last week’s Caulfield Cup. This week it was the Cox Plate. And yet, no one seems to trust him enough to back that horse.Last week I said I was going to back Bart Cummings and So You Think but I didn’t because…well, I don’t have any good reason.

When will we learn? There’s a reason half the headlines in October/November read ‘Bart does it again!’

Halloween in Australia

October 21, 2009

I’ve always loved the idea of Halloween. Dressing up in cool costumes, going trick-or-treating, going to massive parties and playing games with ‘body part’ food…Like many of my generation I grew up on American TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch which always made Halloween look like the most fun ever. The Halloween episodes are always so cool, like the episode of Buffy where they all turn into their costumes. The only problem? I don’t live in America. I live in Australia, and we don’t exactly celebrate Halloween.

I’ll never forget the year I was in grade 5 and a friend invited me trick-or-treating. I was so excited, but when I told my parents my dad wouldn’t let me go. ‘Halloween is an American holiday’ he said, ‘and all it does here is annoy people’. It was one of the saddest moments of my childhood. That night I stayed home upset because I couldn’t go. I now realise it probably wouldn’t have been that fun anyway. It’s not like we prepare for Halloween. When trick-or-treaters come to my house they always end up getting crap like rice crackers because that’s all we have.

Anyway I did get my chance to go trick-or-treating. One year I was in America on Halloween and it was amazing. Everyone dressed up, from babies to grandparents. Houses were decorated in carved out pumpkins and inflatable ghosts. Cool lighting was everwhere. There were hundreds of kids racing around the streets with pillow cases waiting to be filled with candy. It was the single coolest holiday ever.

Every year people claim Halloween is ‘getting big’ in Australia. It isn’t. Anyone who’s ever lived through an American Halloween knows ours are non-existant in comparison.

This year I feel like celebrating Halloween in a big way again. Though there are some parties and themed club nights around, a part of me is depressed because I know nothing will ever be as cool or as well-done as it is in America. Australia can try, but we really don’t know how to Halloween.

Thank you for the rain

October 18, 2009

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be complaining. We need the rain. We’re in a drought (now a flood) and need water for our crops and dams. But couldn’t it just rain at night and keep the days sunny and incident free?

So I fought the rain…and the rain won. Of course it had the help of its handy friend wind, which just may be even more irritating than the rain itself.

It was the kind of day that an umbrella is no good for. You hold it above you head but get drenched ayway. You hold it to the side and the wind flips it inside out. You lose control and drop the entire thing, watching it roll away in the gushing wind while freezing water pounds you head. I actually ended up using my umbrella as a shield. I was standing at the lights waiting to cross the street when I saw a huge bus coming. Then I saw the huge puddle of water right in front of me. I could see what was about to happen. Like a scene from a movie the bus was going to send the water up in a wave and I had no hope of escape. I tired to scramble backwards, realising too late that behind me was Hoddle St, one of the busiest roads in Melbourne. All I could do was hold my umbrella in front of me and hope it would take the brunt of the water. It worked…kind of. I got slightly less wet then if I hadn’t had my handy shield. Meaning I still got soaked to the bone.

Ah well, winter in Melbourne. Oh wait…isn’t it spring?