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Even Mussolini could get the trains to run on time

November 14, 2009

The weather has turned hot in Melbourne this week, leaving most of us to return to our trusted spot on the beach to work on our tan. Of course hot weahter doesn’t come on its own. No, with it it brings many other disasters.

One of them is horrendous bushfires. Since most Melburnians have been counting down the days until ‘fire season’ (no, it’s not summer anymore) all year I won’t go into that.

I am talking about public transport. As soon as the mercury hits 30 (okay to be fair public transport is almost as bag in optimum 20-degree weather) the trains cease to show up. I once waited an hour for a train at Flinders St in January. Yeah, I could walk home faster than that. They give us all this crap about tracks expanding in the heat and how they don’t have equipment to run trains in hot weather. Well here’s a newsflash: it gets hot in Melbourne. If all buisnesses melted at 30 they wouldn’t exist. Never mind the fact that the government and public service providers have had decades to fix this problem, they haven’t. And every year they roll out the same excuses. I have caught at least 20 trains in the last fortnight and they were all delayed. I’d bloody better get compensation this month.

So here’s my question for Brumby/Kosky and co: if Mussolini could get the trains to run on time, why can’t you?

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