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Lucky vs delaying the inevitable

November 10, 2009
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I have a confession. I’ve always been an undercover nerd (meaning smart and good marks without the studying and instead lazing around at the beach) who never really had to try and get good marks in high school or uni so far. I always felt kinda bad about it actually. Getting good marks when I spent the day before the exam sunbaking and others who got Ds spent it surrounded by textbooks.

Well, now I realise that at least they are prepared for failure. They are used to it. And when the going gets tough, at least they know how to study. Me? Having never had to, I don’t really know how. I always thought I was lucky but now I wonder if maybe it’s actually a curse in disguise…

On the other hand I always wing my exams and everything works out fine so maybe they will this time too and I’m just overeacting. Again. Or I could be studying s=instead of blogging. Hmmmmm….

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