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October 28, 2009

I don’t really believe in karma. I think it’s the kind of thing good people tell themselves is real so that cruel people don’t go unpunished…but in truth I feel bad people will run free unless someone stops them. But anyway…maybe I’m wrong.

Last weekend I had a little…incident…which involved scraping most of the skin off my knee. No big deal, especially since this week has been warm enough that I can avoid jeans and tights and anything that will stick to me graze. Well, yesterday on the tram I was sitting as innocent as can be when a lady with a large bag came and sat opposite me. Fine, right? Except that as she sat she dragged the bag across my freshly skinned knee and ripped the scab right off. Let’s just say it was painful. I wanted to punch the stupid clueless woman in the head. But, because I’m such a nice person, I didn’t. Meaning I was in too much pain. A few minutes later I noticed my knee welling up with blood. In fact, it soon started dripping bright, red blood all over a certain someone’s large (white!) bag. I could have moved my leg I suppose, but why fight fate? When I got off the tram several stops later there was quite a pool of blood on that bag.

Maybe there is such a thing as karma after all.

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