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Thank you for the rain

October 18, 2009

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be complaining. We need the rain. We’re in a drought (now a flood) and need water for our crops and dams. But couldn’t it just rain at night and keep the days sunny and incident free?

So I fought the rain…and the rain won. Of course it had the help of its handy friend wind, which just may be even more irritating than the rain itself.

It was the kind of day that an umbrella is no good for. You hold it above you head but get drenched ayway. You hold it to the side and the wind flips it inside out. You lose control and drop the entire thing, watching it roll away in the gushing wind while freezing water pounds you head. I actually ended up using my umbrella as a shield. I was standing at the lights waiting to cross the street when I saw a huge bus coming. Then I saw the huge puddle of water right in front of me. I could see what was about to happen. Like a scene from a movie the bus was going to send the water up in a wave and I had no hope of escape. I tired to scramble backwards, realising too late that behind me was Hoddle St, one of the busiest roads in Melbourne. All I could do was hold my umbrella in front of me and hope it would take the brunt of the water. It worked…kind of. I got slightly less wet then if I hadn’t had my handy shield. Meaning I still got soaked to the bone.

Ah well, winter in Melbourne. Oh wait…isn’t it spring?

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