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Political correctness has gone too far. Lighten up, take a joke!

October 9, 2009

It seems the whole year has been about moral nazis (hmmm I bet they’d have a problem with that comment too!) attacking TV show after TV show about the political correctness of their jokes. I’m sorry, but are jokes ever politically correct? Jokes are almost always about taking the piss out or someone, whether it be a group like women or an individual like a politician. No one was screaming for people’s heads when comedians were dressing up as or mocking John Howard. And, all things being equal if we’re going to condemn people for making jokes about children or women or jews or whoever we should do the same for people who make jokes about politicians. In fact, we may as well not have jokes at all. If you’re the sort of person who gets easily offended, you shouldn’t be on the look out for jokes. You will get offended.

This year, it all started with The Chaser. Frankly, everything they do is attacked by the media for being in poor taste. But if it’s clever and funny should we care? The big hullabaloo about the song ‘everyone becomes a top bloke after death’ (or whatever it was called) was pathetic, the song was fucking hilarious. And Kerry Packer was not a great guy…Then there was everyone complaining about throwing the governor-general (well, a fake her obviously!) over a wall and how it was discriminatory against women. I honestly thought they did more for the cause of women in that skit that most of its critics had ever done. And okay, maybe the skit about the sick children was in bad taste (and wasn’t really that funny) but at the end of the day it was just a joke. It was never intended to hurt people.

Then there was Sam Newman dressing up as a female football reporter. Big fucking deal. Sure he can be a bit of a dumbass,  but since no one takes him seriously anyway, lighten up!

Now it’s Hey Hey It’s Saturday and people dressing up as the Jackson five, complete with black face make-up. It was just a bit of light-hearted fun it wasn’t supposed to be racist! Guys dress up as white girls in White Chicks and it’s hilarious, guys dress up as black guys and there’s an outcry? What’s wrong with this picture?

Possible what bugs me the most though, is the American reaction. Okay, so they’re entitled to their opinion and everyone knoes Americans lack the part of a sense of humour which makes them able to laugh at themselves, but where do they get off? Some of the things they’ve been saying are downright stupid, such as:

“Ausralia doesn’t have African Americans. I mean, they have the Aboriginals but they don’t treat them well…” Right, because the historically the USA has treated its Native Americans, their equivelant of our Aboriginals, (as well as African Americans) which so much respect…maybe that’s why they’re practically extinct. And we don’t go around making comments like ‘Americans shouldn’t make jokes about Greeks. It’s probably because they don’t have many there.’

“Australia are behind America in terms of civil rights.” Um excuse me???” We’re not the country executing our own people, waging wars on other countries and killing thousands of civilians or locking people up without actually charging them with a crime. The USA is one of the worst abusers of human rights in the western world! I seriously doubt the person who made that comment knows anything about this country. She probably thinks we all live with kangaroos and go around saying things like ‘that’s not a knife, this is a knife’. Just because we mightn’t have all our rights listed on a piece of paper doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

Australia is not a racist counry, at least not more than anywhere else. And people these days are so touchy over every little thing. Have a laugh every now and then. Being easily offended doesn’t help anyone. Ever.

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  1. May 6, 2010 9:31 am

    What a fun Ha Ha Ha ha. . . . .


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