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Chick injuries

September 24, 2009

Today I broke a nail. And yes, I can already hear the laughing. I’ve heard every lame joke possible from every guy (and plenty of girls) I know since I squealed at the ripping of my nail this afternoon and I’ve heard them all. None of them are particularly funny. Well, maybe a few.

Seriously though, why is breaking a nail considered a ‘chick’ injury? It fucking hurts! I’m not talkng about chipping my nail polish or kind of breaking my nail, I actually ripped the entire thing off. There was blood everywhere. I mean okay it wasn’t exactly a broken leg but why does that make it a girly injury? Why are some types of bruises and cuts labelled more ‘manly’ than others? It’s just completely stupid. I mean, you get more sympathy for a paper cut than ripping off your whole nail. Something seems amiss…

I don’t think injuries are really either ‘guy’ injuries or ‘chick’ injuries the way people seem to label them. Drunkenly jumping over a fence and breaking your leg seems to be treated as a male type injury but it’s happened to three female friends and no guy friends.

Personally I think the whole thing is stupid and lame. Yes, it’s pathetic to cry over chipped nail polish but that isn’t exclusively a girl thing! And ripping off your whole nail hurts. That’s all I’m trying to say really. OW!

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