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WAG away

September 21, 2009

Yes, it’s another footy related post. In my defence the whole of Melbourne has caught footy fever, what with it being Grand Final week and all. I could perfectly understand people being over football at the moment, even I am sick of hearing about it and I love football! What, there’s no other news?

Tonight, of course, is Brownlow night. The best and fairest of the whole competition (okay, the midfielders anyway) football’s night of nights, whatever else the media are telling us. Personally I’m hoping this will be Dane Swan’s year. It might take a little of the sting away from the fact that Collingwood won’t be playing in the Grand Final…but probably not.

Anyway Brownlow night does not fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings, and it’s not because the count is more boring than my chemistry textbook. It’s because of the WAGs. Wives and girlfriends, for those of you living under a rock. They completely ruin the night. If the Brownlow is footy’s night of nights, why do people seem to care more about the fashion than the football skills? Every year it’s about the red carpet special and the dresses and what so-and-so is wearing. The newspapers are filled with Brownlow ‘news’, meaning pictures and captions of the best and worst dressed. And maybe a small photo of who actually won the medal. It makes me physically ill.

Who are the WAGs? They’re nobodies who’ve done nothing in their life but marry or date a footballer. Why should we care so much about them? It’s one thing to obsess over the fashions at the Oscars or the Grammys because it’s talk about what the actual stars are wearing, but the WAGs don’t have any particular talent or skills. They aren’t nominated for anything. They are there to support their husband or boyfriend, not be the star of the show. It supposed to be a night for the stars of the game, not their partner.

It’s cringeworthy when you see a couple walking in and everyone wants to talk about and photograph the woman no one actually knows rather than the footballer who has given his heart and soul to the game we watch every week.

Maybe people see me as anti-feminist because I want all the focus to be on the men. But it’s not precisely the ‘men’ I want the eyes and discussions on, it’s the talent. I want to be talking about who should win the Brownlow because of their kicking style or average disposals, not judging a woman on a dress she wears for about 5 hours over her entire life. How is it a good thing for women if we’re judged purely on what we are wearing or who we are dating? What does anyone know about Rebecca Twigley other than that red dress and Chris Judd? How is that good for anyone?


* and yes, I shrunk this photo. It would be hypocritical to make it as big as Swan’s. And I would include a picture of Judd if I wasn’t a Collingwood supporter and didn’t hate Carlton



When  it comes to award nights of any kind, shouldn’t the focus and attention be on the ones who win the award? They’ve worked so hard for this opportunity all year long and they deserve it. The WAGs? Most of us only see them on Brownlow night. Then we forget them until another year rolls around. That’s completely unfair to the footballers and their WAGs.

If I had my way, women would be banned from attending the Brownlow medal. Seriously, what is their use there? Unless they are reporters or someone actually there for a reason…

So tonight? Good luck Dane Swan, and here’s hoping girlfriend Taylor Wilson doesn’t steal your thunder on the blue carpet. Oh yes, did I forget to mention it’s now a blue carpet? Yeah, I’m cringing again.

* oh and yeah thats Beams on the right. Purely a coincidence.

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