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September part 2

September 16, 2009

This morning I was reading yesterday’s newapaper (I lead a busy life and don’t really have time to keep up with every day’s news) and was apalled to discover a section where the paper basically listed sport-based essay topics and suggested readers write a paragraph about a topic. Not for any apparent or evident reason, just, dare I say it, for fun. I should probably be more concerned about the lack of informative news in the paper but, because I don’t really live a busy life, I decided to actually do what my newspaper suggested. A novel idea for me perhaps, but here it is.

Topic: Victorians care too much about football. Discuss. (oh yes this really is a throwback to my days studying high school English)

The first question I must ask myself: is it possible to care too much about football? To be honest, not really. I mean that saying ‘it’s just a game’ was only invented by people who couldn’t win and had to find ways to justify it and make themselves feel better about themselves. Sure it’s ‘just a game’  but that doesn’t mean winning isn’t important. The highs you can get from winning a close game of footy are comparable to few other things in life. Experiencing excitement and passion, what’s more important than that? What should we be caring about more than football?

Okay so clearly football shouldn’t be the most important thing in people’slives. There’s family and friends and…cricket. And yeah okay, maybe footy dominates in Victoria more than it should. Maybe the front and back cover of the paper shouldn’t be covered with the same thing unless it’s a really huge event or tragedy (like 9/11 or last summer’s bushfires). Maybe we shouldn’t idolise footballers more than anyone else in the media, including our ‘actors’ and ‘musicians’. Maybe the number one topic of conversation shouldn’t always be football on Monday mornings. Maybe parents shouldn’t induce the birth of their child just to ensure dad doesn’t miss a final.

But, at the end of the day, who cares? I’d rather care too much about football than a lot of other ‘big deal’ things in life. Like calories or shoes or Beyonce. I’m more concernced about the newspaper suggesting readers write essays for fun than the fact that my state may care too much about footy.

* I’m aware this post has little to do with September on the surface but September in Melbourne equals footy fever which is clearly all anyone can talk, or write, about.

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