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September 13, 2009

September is probably my favourite time of year other than summer. I mean summer, with its cocktails and sun and days spent lazing at the beach without worrying about work or study is clearly the best time of year. With it comes Christmas and my birthday, but the most important part is just being able to lay around in the sun reading a book or hanging outside at the pub with friends. Enough about summer though. Summer isn’t here yet.

So why do I like Setember? It marks the end of winter. Suddenly the sun is out, flowers are growing and it’s normal to eat ice-cream or order an iced coffee. It doesn’t have the pressure of warmer months like October or November which always seem to bring with them hard work and exams. September is about freedom and the blossoming of a new season. Everything feels possible in September.

And, of course, September is the finals. Anyone who follows AFL (otherwise known by Victorians as ‘footy’) knows the importance of September. Come September, only the best teams are left. It’s about the real competition and the real skills. It brings the mystery of who will win the Brownlow medal or the Grand Final. It brings with it real talent and guts. Mediocre players have no room in September. It’s about the spectacular marks, the brilliant goals and the passion of the crowds. It’s about victory.

If footy is a religion, September is the holy month.

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