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Facebook freaks

September 11, 2009

Have you ever added a person on facebook who you thought was totally normal in real life, but then when you looked at their profile page realised they were not anything like the person you thought they were? Have you ever noticed that some people behave really weird on facebook or myspace? Looks like you know a facebook freak.

About a week ago I added this girl I kinda know on facebook. We’ve hung out a bit and she’s really nice and seemed normal. However since we’ve become friends on facebook I find myself becoming increasingly scared of her. I knew she had a boyfriend who she thought was the love of her life but, what I didn’t know, was that she was a facebook freak. What is a facebook freak? Someone who acts completely out of control on facebook and nothing like the person they are in real life. They update their status all day telling you odd, uneccessary things. They have very strange photos of themselves in compromising positions. Their entire ‘info’ section makes you cringe.

Anyway this is what I discovered about my ‘friend’ on facebook: she is completely obsessed with her boyfriend, and not in a good way. He’s in her profile pic and mentioned in her relationship status. Fair enough. Then it gets weird. She has an album of photos of him entitled ‘My Love’. In that box on the left-hand side (you know, ‘write something about yourself’ which is where I put funny quotes I’ve heard over the past week) is written ‘I am so in love with him’. Under her interests and activites is his name. Every status update is about him ‘…is here with him and couldn’t be happier’, ‘…is so in love with him’, ‘…misses him even though I just saw him’, ‘…is having a great day with her hunnie’ and ‘i love him so much and couldn’t be happier or luckier’ just for starters.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe she isn’t completely out of her mind but the truth is…it scares me. I can hardly look at her facebook page. I can hardly even look at her. I’ve considered the fact that maybe I just don’t understand the kind of love they share and maybe…but no. I mean come on! Surely there has to be something more to her life! I mean I know there is. I know her. So why, when you look at her page that’s supposed to be about her and her life, is it all about him? Why, when she is so normal in real life, does she seem like such a freak on facebook?

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