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Winter Woes

September 10, 2009

September is supposed to mean Spring right? Well, that’s a laugh. It seems no one has told Melbourne that rule. All the bad things from winter are still hanging around such as:

  • Showers being cold no matter how hot they are. And it being really cold when you get out of the shower.
  • Wet towels. Enough said.
  • Everything being more painful. I’m telling you, things hurt more in winter. Stub your toe in summer and it’s not a big deal, stub it in winter and screech in pain.
  • Gloves and scarfs being a neccessity rather than a fashion statement. No you cannot write while wearing gloves.
  • Umbrellas. They don’t really keep rain off, soak the contents of your bag and blow away in the wind. Surely there’s something better?
  • Colds and constantly being sick.
  • Wet clothes. Enough said.
  • Cocktails just don’t seem the same when the sun isn’t out.
  • Huddling by the broken heater.
  • Restricting clothes like tight jeans and even tighter stockings.
  • Your skirt blowing up in the wind. At least you’re wearing tights over your old ratty knickers.
  • Wet socks. Enough said.
  • Having to have five blankets on your bed. And three of them being electric.
  • The inability to wear crappy thin shoes. I hate shoes and tend to wear these flats about the same thickness as paper which do not fair well in rain or other weather hazards.
  • Coffee (and food) going cold in five minutes.
  • The inability to get out of bed.
  • Lack of sunshine and warmth.
  • Inability to sit outside or anywhere unheated so indoors is always crowded.
  • Wet hair. Enough said.

To be fair today actually showed some promising signs of the weather to come. I taunted fate and didn’t take an umbrella and it actually didn’t rain! While it wasn’t a warm day, it wasn’t pure winter. I suppose it really does mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Finally! Yes, I hate winter. I’m lucky I don’t live somewhere where it snows. Although really, if it snowed in Melbourne we would actually have the craziest weather going around.

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