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The name game

September 6, 2009

I do like meeting new people, because I often find you can have the best conversations from people you hardly know, and they often give you great advice. You wouldn’t expect that because these people hardly know you, but you can often find someone who has gone through the same problem…the only issue with meeting new people is when you forget their name. And they, of course, remember yours.

I am not that bad with names. In fact, if I’ve heard someone’s name at least once, I’ll usually remember it. But occasionally I do forget, and this always seems to end up in a messed up, awkward situation. For example I got quite friendly with this guy in my maths tutorial last semester. I saw him twice a week, every week and chatted to him regularly but I didn’t know his name. It got to the point where it would be way too weird to ask him his name, so I had to try and figure out ways around asking to find out his name. I looked at all his notebooks (no name), I asked other people, I tried to get him to introduce himself to other people I knew…nothing worked. I even tried stealing his ID out of his bag one day. Luckily I didn’get caught. I didn’t find out his name either. That situation all worked itself out when he added me on facebook (thank god I recognised his picture and didn’t reject him!) but otherwise things don’t end so nicely.

About two weeks ago I met a really nice girl at university who I thought I’d never see again and didn’t really listen when she told me her name. Naturally, I now see her everywhere. It seems I’m back where I started, thinking up even crazier ways of finding out her name. Tomorrow I might try searching through her bag…

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