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The top ten best Buffy episodes (according to me)

September 1, 2009
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  1. Something Blue – I was always a big fan of the ‘funny’ Buffy episodes and this has to be the best. Buffy and Spike getting married, Giles going blind (‘It’s okay, I have more scotch’) and Xander and his ‘fruit roll-ups of love’. This movie is full of amusing moments even before Willow’s spell turns everything upside down. Who can forget Spike chained up in Giles’ bathtub pissed off because he’s missing Passions?
  2. Hush – This was the first, and pretty much only, Buffy epsiode that scared me. There was something so creepy about those demons in the suits cutting people’s hearts out. It was such a clever episode the way it was done with no speaking. And how funny is it when Giles is showing the ‘movie’ about the demon and Anya is eating popcorn?
  3. Intervention – Apart from being the first episode where Spike and Buffy really kiss (no magical influence) this episode is hilarious. The Buffybot is a classic and the way all Buffy’s friends think it’s really her is even funnier (‘you guys couldn’t tell me apart from a robot?’). It’s also funny when Giles and Buffy are in the desert performing the spell…
  4. The Gift – This is a really sad episode because Buffy dies, but it’s also just really good. It starts off in the traditional Buffy sense (‘just a girl’ fighting vampires in an alley) and ends with her saving the world and her sister. It was the ending ‘Chosen’ should have been.
  5. Innocence –  While it was unbelievably sad to see Buffy lose Angel (well, the ‘good’ Angel anyway) evil Angel was way cooler and more exciting than brooding Angel. This episode invloves a lot of truths being revealed (like Willow discovering Xanger and Cordelia and learning more about Jenny Calender) and we see Buffy kill the judge with a rocket launcher. What else do you need?
  6. Lies My Parents Told Me – You can’t tell I’m a Spike fan can you?I love a lot of the historical scenes in Buffy, the only show where I actually enjoy flashbacks. The ones with Angel in ‘Amends’ and ‘Becoming’ are pretty good too, and I love ‘Fool For Love’ with Spike killing those slayers. I was actually considering that episode instead…This one is good because it also shows Buffy’s growth as a slayer as she pulls away from the advice of Giles and Principal Wood, ultimately ending in her being pushed out as leader.
  7. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered – You have to feel so sorry for both Xander and Cordelia when they break up, but after that the episode is basically just funny. Buffy turning into a rat, Oz punching Xander, Drusilla saving Xander…just great.
  8. Once More, With Feeling – It’s a musical! And better than that, it’s actually good. If you can make a good musical episode, it’s always going to be top ten.
  9. Doppelgangland – I have to admit, I love Willow’s dark side. I loved her in ‘The Wish’ and I loved when she embraced it in season 6. Being able to see both vamp and regular Willow in the same episode was perfect for me. And seeing the gang get so upset when they thought she was dead turned out to be oddly amusing. (Xander: She truely was the best of us. Way better than me. Giles: Much, much better.)
  10. Okay, I confess. 10 is not enough. Here are some of my other favourites in the place of a real 10th episode: Becoming pts 1 & 2, Graduation Day pts 1 & 2, The Prom, Fool For Love,  Lie To Me, Tabula Rasa, Chosen, The Harsh Light of Day, Lover’s Walk, Who Are You?, Two To Go.

And the one I hated: Restless. Everyone else seemed to love this episode. To me it was pointless and boring and one of the worst episodes of Buffy ever. Season 4 gets a bad rap even though most people love both ‘Hush’ and ‘Restless’ why is that? To me ‘Somthing Blue’ will always be better than ‘Restless’.

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