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Thank You

September 1, 2009

You were never there for me when I needed you the most
You never cared enough to tell me what I needed to hear
You couldn’t be assed paying me attention
You never lent me a shoulder or ear

Should I thank you
For never doing what you were supposed to?
Well then thank you
For all the lies you ever told me
And thank you
For all the truths I did not need to know
Thank you
For never being what I wished for
It makes it easier for me to walk out of that door

You never held me through my tears or my pain
You made me insecure, you let me live in shame
You took things from me that I’ll never get back
You never chose me, I faded to black

I will never be grateful I will never forget
In ten years it will be like we never met
Maybe then you’ll finally see what you lost
Nothings free, one day you’ll pay the cost

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