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Celebrity World

August 24, 2009

I hate celebrites. I mean, what makes them more special than everyone else? Why do they deserve huge houses and flashy cars and expensive jewelerry and outfits that would cost regular people a months salary? Here’s an easy answer. They don’t. They are no better than any of us. They go walking around with this holier-than-thou attitude when at the end of the day, they’re just human beings with inflated paychecks. Constantly being photographed for the cover of a magazine does not make you a better person.

Of course they have a brand new hybrid car to save the envionment. They can afford a new car whenever a new feature comes out since they get paid millions for a few hours acting or kicking a ball around a muddy ground. Of course they always look good. They don’t have to work all day, thay can just hire a personal trainer to tell them exactly what to do to look and be fit. They get given free tailored clothes and professional make-up and hair. If all else fails, they can just buy a new face or body. Of course they donate heaps to charity. They earn more in a year than most of us do in a lifetime. They can afford to give half to charity and still buy that pair of shoes we’ve spend five months saving for.

Why do we idolise actors and singers and models? Who are they exactly, that we should aspire to be? What about teachers or doctors or firefighters, people who actually do something for the community? These are people who save and shape and change lives. These are the people we should pay a fortune and sing the praises of. And what about that hardworking waitress who puts food on your table every Thursday night with a smile, and all for minimum wage? Or that taxi driver that drove you home even though you were completely drunk and you sort of forgot to tip them but they were really nice anyway? Why are celebirites considered ‘special’ and above all others? Why does Michael Jackson get hours and hours of memorial TV and your mother gets nothing? Sure, he was a great singer and dancer. But your mother brought you up and fed you and loved you unconditionally. Isn’t that worth more? Because some of those people seemed to mourn Jacko more than their late parents. Scary.

Okay, I confess, I’m not totally without mild celebrity-worship syndrome. I watch movies and TV, I listen to music. I go to concerts and sporting matches, and I scream as hard as the person standing next to me. I even occasionally buy those trashy magazines to read on planes…or at home. But that doesn’t mean I have to like the fact that those considered rich and famous are somehow more important than everyone else. And there are come people in those magazines and on TV that piss me off more than others. I have slightly more time for those who actually have talent, and aren’t psychotically pushing their religious beliefs on to us. I mean it’s not their fault their chosen career is held so highly. It’s ours really. If we didn’t pay so much to see our favourite bands play and our favourite teams win, their lives as they (and we) know it wouldn’t exist. But there are others who hardly even desverve the space I’m giving them in my blog (and yes, I’ll write something on the ‘regular’ people who inspire and love me one day, because they deserve it more. Actually, considering my point, it’s ironic I’m even writing this). We all know who they are. Those who are famous for being famous, (Paris) who they happened to hook up with, (Katie) and those who did something a long time ago and have been living off it since (Lindsay, Tara). Those people are worth even less than their talented counterparts. And yet their picture is everywhere and people they’ve never even met disect the things that happen in their life. It’s one thing to admire the people who entertain us. It’s another to admire the people rich and famous for their partying and their scandals. If we wanted to, we could all roll drunkenly out of a cab. It’s hardly a skill. So the next time you glance disgusted at the old man swigging brew out of a bottle concealed in a brown paper bag, think again about the people you consider to be all that.

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