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Blink 182, tour Australia!

August 14, 2009

You know how some songs remind you of certain moments in life, certain time periods, or even cetain people? Music is something you grow up with and grow into. It changes moods and experiences. It speaks when words alone are not enough. There are certain songs and bands that remind me so much of growing up and having fun when I was a kid.

One of those bands is Blink 182. They’re also a band I still listen to all the time today. There is something so cheery and fun about their music. It always makes me feel so alive. My favourite song ever is by Blink 182, off their last album. Despite their classics such as ‘The Rock Show’, ‘First Date’ and ‘What’s My Age Again?’ my favourite song ever has to be ‘Feeling This’. It reminds me of fun and summer and romance and it always cheers me up.

Anyway I’ve been listening to them a lot lately, and it’s amazing how ‘All The Small Things’ always makes me think about the fun I had in primary school. Going ten-pin bowling with my brother; play kickball and cops and robbers at school; fighting with my mum because she wouldn’t let me watch South Park, The X-Files or American Pie; wearing overalls and hot pink cords; winning races at school athletics carnivals; playing netball; eating ice-cream; mini-golf…all that stuff.

I credit ‘All The Small Things’ with giving me my current music tastes. Pre-blink 182 I listened to Brittney Spears and S club 7. This was the first song I ever really loved, and I’ll always remember it (and love it) for that very reason. It was the song that got me into all the bands I really love, like Green Day and The Living End. I can’t thank tom, mark and travis enough. But I can ask them to come back to Australia.

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