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The strange relationship between sales assistants and customers

August 13, 2009

I swear these are true.


Customer: Do you have any cardigans? 

Sales Assistant: What kind are you after?

Customer: Any kind really. I just want something to wear with jeans to keep warm.

Sales Assistant: Okay, well we have some longer ones and some shorter ones. We have buttons or no buttons. These ones here are thicker…

Customer: I don’t think any of these will work.


Customer: What time do you guys open tomorrow?

Sales Assistant: Nine.

Customer: At night? That’s a bit late.


Customer: I’m looking for a mascara to lengthen my lashes.

Sales Assistant: This is a clothing store.

Customer: Okay then. Where do you keep your knee-high boots?


Customer: How much is this t-shirt?

Sales Assistant: That’s five dollars now. It’s 50% off.

Customer: I’m not paying 20 bucks for that!


Sales Assistant: Sorry, we’re closed.

Customer: But I just wanted to browse!

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