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Concrete Mixer

August 10, 2009

Basically the drink ‘concrete mixer’ invloves drinking a shot of baileys and a shot of lime cordial (or juice) and swirling it in your mouth and swallowing. The lime causes the baileys to curdle, supposedly like concrete. Apparently this is supposed to be a disgusting drink, or something one drinks when really wasted. In fact, many of my friends complain that it’s awful. The oddest thing is, I actually really like this drink! I confess, the drink is probably better if you don’t swirl it in your mouth. The flavours actually really complement each other, and it tastes good! Drank together without swirling it’s yum as, with the swirling I admit it can be rather chunky, which isn’t what one really wants in their drink! That said, it really isn’t as bad as everyone claims. Well, I like it anyway…

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