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Pizza Sauce Pasta

August 9, 2009
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I’m a big fan of pizza, but it’s not really approriate to eat pizza every day. Especially since I don’t really have the money to order pizza every time I sit down and watch Friends. For whatever reason (I think probably Joey and Chandler eating slices in almost every episode) every time I watch Friends, I get a craving for pizza. Since Friends is one of my favourite shows and I watch it frequently I had to find a way to eat pizza without really eating pizza. Enter pizza sauce pasta. Basically I cook up a bunch of penne pasta (it works better than spaghetti or something, but I’m sure spiral or whatever would be fine too) and make my ‘pizza sauce’ to go with it. Pizza sauce invloves choosing your favourite pizza ingredients and then cooking them in the pan. When everything’s cooked I throw in a chunk of cheese (sliced or grated, whatever I can be bothered with) and wait until the cheese is melted. Then I pour the sauce on to the pasta and voila, the perfect meal. It tastes like pizza, and yet it’s not quite pizza. Plus, it deceives you into thinking it’s healthy. So what pizza toppings do I usually use? Tomato, ham, capsicum, mushrooms and pineapple. I’m sure most pizza toppings would work though. I throw in a bit of tomato paste and tasty cheese, cook it up, and then settle down for a few episodes of Friends on DVD. As close to perfection as you can get without dialing your local pizza shop.

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