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The child within

August 7, 2009

The last few days in Melbourne have been so windy, I have had to resort to tying my hair up to stop it from blinding me by blowing in front of my eyes. Not to mention annoying me. I’ve actually been wearing pigtails the last few days, because I realised my hair was finally short enough to wear cute bobby pigtails that I haven’t had since I was 6. Needless to say memories of primary school and childhood came rushing back. I recall days of playing kickball and cops and robbers, eating fairy bread and mini chocolate cakes with rice-paper stickers. I had so much fun thinking about the ‘good old days’ that I got out boxes of old photos and started reminissing.

Remember the days when photos were developed, before digital cameras and the internet? I’d kind of forgotten them too. I’d also forgotten days spent learning to ride bikes with my little brother and hot summers spent running under sprinklers. I’d forgotten rollerblades and sand castles and merry-go-rounds and tall glasses of red cordial without any alcohol. Looking at all the photos I remembered how simple and carefree days were then, and decided it was time to embrace my inner child.

So I spent today doing things that I enjoyed when I was a kid. Making a tent out of blankets and watching The Sound of Music and eating pink-frosted cupcakes. I so desperatly wanted to drink tea out of these tiny china cups I recall using with my grandmother. Little cups of green or yellow etched with gold. Sadly, these china cups had vanished. Like my childhood, they are nothing but a fond memory. I did, however, find that I still own many things important to me from times long past. Here’s what I’m willing to share…

kiddiefavouritethings 001

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