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Bad Timing

August 5, 2009

Have you ever met someone and realised they were the perfect guy (or girl) for you in every way? In an instant you look at them and realise you could spend your life with them. Your conversation flows perfectly with no awkward moments and you don’t even have to think from the very first word you utter. They interest you and attract you and make you laugh like no one else bar your best friend ever has. They amuse you and turn you on and are everything you ever imagined from a happily ever after. They are smart and intriguing and brave and you want them desperatly. You find yourself falling in love within moments.

Of course there’s a catch. Perfect for you, but they aren’t yours. They already belong to someone else. They don’t need and you, and worse, they don’t want you. Everything they are to you, you are nothing to them.

Is it worth the tears and the heartache and the pain? It’s no one’s fault but fate. Everything is perfect but the timing. And the only thing you can’t fight is the timing.

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