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The internet: friend or foe?

July 31, 2009

Signing up for classes at university used to be nice, easy and simple. Well, it looked that way in the movies and TV shows. Okay, so maybe people had to line up for hours to get the times they wanted, but at least they knew if they were at the front of the line they’d get the times they wanted! It’s a bit like buying concert tickets these days. Remember the good old days of lining up for tickets? It wasn’t that long ago, it was in my lifetime! Now it’s all about the speed of your internet connection and you can be waiting for hours to purchase tickets to your favourite band and still miss out! And that sort-of-fan who doesn’t even know all their songs might get lucky and grab the front row seats. Is that fair? Back when it was all about physical purchase of tickets the ones who camped out all night and really cared were the ones that got the best tickets. What has happened to the world? Why is it ‘better’ if people sit their clicking mouses in the vain hope they’ll get what they want? Shouldn’t the ones who put in more effort be the ones to reap the rewards?

This policy seems to be applying to everything lately. It’s always about luck rather than effort. Thank the internet for that. Like I said, signing up for uni classes is hell these days, it’s as bad as getting tickets to an ACDC concert. It has become a competition, with people sitting by 5 or 6 computers trying to get the times they want so they’ll be with their friends rather than sitting alone at the back of the room too afraid to say anything. This leads to endless computer crashing and panic, and usually not getting the classes you want, This is especially bad if you do an obsecure degree like myself and already have thousands of clashes in your timetable and there’s really only one time that suits. If you haven’t signed up in the first 10 minutes that you’re able, you’ll be stuck with the dodgy 9am on Monday tutorial, or the dreaded one on Friday afternoon while everyone else is at the pub. Surely there’s a better way of doing this? Surely we could line up with our friends and if all the good classes filled up, well at least both you and your mate could have a laugh at 9am on Monday morning. At least you wouldn’t be alone and hungover and pissed off…and probably at home because you can’t be bothered showing up to the tutorial from hell.

Weren’t computers  supposed to fix all our problems? What happened?

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